Plant Protection, Organic Biocides, & Microbial Growth Remediation

Hydros offers a wide range of preservative solutions for products having microbial growth problems.

Our approach considers efficacy, cost, safety, plant health, and animal health using biological based pesticides, natural antimicrobials, activated enzymes, and inorganic / organic specialty biocides from suppliers around the world.

HydroStat™ - Natural Microbial Growth Supression

HydroStat™ refers to a broad range of natural microbial growth suppression reagents, developed to inhibit the growth in liquid formulations and provide a safe product that does not cause unwanted vertebrate and invertebrate complications.

HydroStat™ organic and inorganic products are active against a wide range of nuisance gram (gram-negative, gram-positive), yeast and mold organisms, and exhibit broad protection at very low use levels.

Some uses for HydroStat™ family are:

Used in the protective coating of plant seeds, potato pieces, and handling equipment
Used in the preservation of native flowers
A microbial stabilizer for organic based samples
Plant culturing to control non-target growth

HydroStat™ is simple to apply in either concentrated or dilute form in all applications.

HydroQuell™ - Natural Short-Duration Sanitization

Used as a short duration sanitizer for solid surfaces, details and specifications for HydroQuell™ can be found below.

More effective than chlorine and chloramines for inactivation of viruses, Cryptosporidium and Giardia
Oxidizes pathogens & quickly dissipates
Enhanced product clarification process
Controls taste & off-odors caused by bacteria, viruses, and algae
Chlorine dioxide is easy to generate & easy to use
Protection from unwanted growth not affected by pH

HydroQuell™ decomposes in sunlight, and has numerous advantages that outweigh traditional treatments.

Plant Protection Product Side-By-Side Comparison

HydroStat™ HydroQuell™
Functionality:   Functionality:
Growth control of bacteria (gram-negative, gram-positive), yeasts, viruses, micro algae, & molds   Growth control of bacteria (gram-negative, gram-positive), yeasts, viruses, micro algae, & molds; active against bio films
Specificity:   Specificity:
Fermented, enzymatic food, and industrial grade   Buffered rapid release chemical component chlorine dioxide sanitizer
Application:   Application:
Any aqueous liquid reagent or fertilizer requiring anti microbial protection   Short duration sanitizer for solid surfaces, some chemicals, pipes, valves, bottles, totes
Protection Duration:   Protection Duration:
Long term, 1-3 years stable and fixed to bio burden   Oxidative sanitizer having a short half life, 1-6 days depending on initial concentration

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Specialty biocides & suppression reagents
World-class specialty biocides & suppression reagents  
HydroStat™ exhibits broad protection at very low use levels  
HydroQuell™ is ideal for sanitizing food processing equipment
HydroQuell™ is ideal for sanitizing food processing equipment  
Safe effective growth inhibitors
Safe, effective growth inhibitors in liquid formulations